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A Study Finds out How Good an Ad on Facebook really is for your Business

To all the businesses that advertise on the social media today, there is certain to be a certain level of a reluctance to get involved; no one really knows exactly how many people get to see an ad on Facebook.   Educated guesses could place it in the millions; but no one can really be sure. The value of advertising on the social media though is beginning to become a little clearer now with a new report called the Nielsen Brand Lift studies. According to the report, advertisements in the social media are a big help in pushing any conventional advertising campaign over the top. An advertising campaign done without social media propping it up, often does less well. With backing from social media people tend to look at conventional ads longer, and remember them enough to actually consider buying.

There are paid Facebook ads that appear on the home page, paid social context homepage ads that publish a list of your friends who are tuned in to a brand’s page, and then there is the organic impression – which is when the Facebook fans of a brand endorse it on Facebook. These don’t rate the same with consumers. Unsurprisingly, the survey finds that the organic impressions (also called earned media on the report) make for the most effective advertising – much better than the paid ones.

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Source: http://www.stratus.net/a-study-finds-out-how-good-an-ad-on-facebook-really-is-for-your-business/


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