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Is This Sexy German Cartoon Character the Future of Messaging?

If you thought emoticons were exciting, wait until you meet Eve: a curvaceous German woman in lederhosen who delivers your voice messages in a Bavarian accent. Zoobe Cam Eve is the latest iteration of an iOS app that lets you apply cartoon avatars to your own recordings and images and share them on Facebook, email, or your mobile device.

All you have to do is select a picture from your phone or take a new one, record a 30-second greeting, and select the mood you want the character to emote. (Your choices are sexy, angry, happy, and sorry.)

Eve will then lip synch to your voice. “Eve is able to express her feelings in several ways depending on the message’s content,” wrote the Zoobe Cam team in a product announcement. “This can be her most beautiful smile, an apologetically lowering of her gaze or a lasciviously lolling on the screen.”

You can dress Eve up in different costumes, like jeans and a t-shirt or a sexy witch outfit. If you don’t want to be Eve, see an earlier version of the app to select a cartoon animal as your avatar. Eve’s male counterpart, Adam, is coming soon. But Eve has two advantages, say the makers of this app: “big blue eyes and different looks.”

The application is less impersonal than a text and it gives your friends a reason to listen to your message instead of just calling you back to find out what you said.

But that’s not why we like it.

Founded by filmmaker Lenard F. Krawinkel, Zoobe Cam brings the novelty of personalized cartoons to a free mobile app. Add more familiar cartoon characters into the mix, and recordings that are longer than 30 seconds, and you’d be looking at a new form of fan fiction.

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