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Pinterest Users Can Now Block and Report Other Users

Pinterest today announced new tools for blocking and reporting other users on the social curation site.

Wrote Pinterest software engineer Danny Chu in a blog post:

Pinterest is all about you and what inspires you. That’s why it’s important that you have control of your Pinterest experience. We’ve always offered basic features to control things like the emails you receive, social networking sites you connect your account with, and the ability to report pins. Today, we’re adding a couple of new features people have requested to give you more control, including the ability to block and report a user and more granular email settings.

With the new control settings, users can report individual pins or entire accounts for review by a Pinterest administrator.  Users can also block people from following them or sharing their pins. To avoid awkward conversations, Pinterest will not tell the user that he or she has been blocked.

Pinterest also sends alerts to all of its users when they get a repin or a new follower. Under the new settings, the user will be able to choose what kind of information goes into the email alert. For instance, it’s now possible to turn off all notifications for those group pins. (They’re fun, but they can fill up an inbox pretty quickly!)

Commenters on the blog post were mostly supportive of the new tools, expressing relief that they now had a way to get rid of all those weight loss ads. (Pinterest wouldn’t be Pinterest without brands, but some blend in better than others, and some are just spammers. Even reputable companies like Nutrisystem ran into a little trouble on the site for failing to put disclaimers on their pins.)

But the conversation quickly turned to requests for private boards, a feature that would enable users to keep a lid on their plans for a surprise birthday party, the details of their upcoming wedding, or anything else they don’t want to be made public.

Will Pinterest listen? We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: A Pinterest representative responded to our email request with the following statement: “We can’t comment on our product roadmap, but keep your eye on the blog for future product announcements.”

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