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Yelp Users Punish Iowa Dentist Who Was Legally Cleared for Firing ‘Irresistible’ Assistant

reviews, yelp, social search, local search, social networkingAlthough an Iowa dentist prevailed in a legal battle and was eventually cleared of discriminatory employment practices although he fired an assistant for being sexually “irresistible,” his Yelp users have begun using Yelp as an outlet to let the dentist know they don’t approve.

One user simply posted the AP story about the dentist, James Knight, as a review. Dozens of users have found it “useful.”

“He fires employees due to his own lack of self-control. Someone with so little self-control might decide to stab you in the face with a scalpel while cleaning your teeth, so take his admitted lack of self-control into advisement before booking an appointment with him,” wrote Moses H.

“A man who apparently can’t control his sexual impulses enough to be able to work side by side with a woman certainly doesn’t deserve the business of any women. What if you are under sedation and he finds you so pretty he can’t control himself enough not to touch your lady bits? Sexist, misogynistic pig,” wrote Summer B.

Many of the reviews came from users who don’t list Iowa addresses. But one person claiming to have seen the dentist said, “While his staff was mostly friendly and his office was somewhat clean, HE really gave me the creeps.”

A handful of negative reviews are balanced by a single glowing review from Jane R. The dentist’s average rating currently stands at one and a half stars.

Users also weighed in to a recent legal battle stemming from a negative review of a Virginia contractor.

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