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7 Changes in Online Tactics to Increase Traffic to your Website

If you have had a difficult time increasing traffic to your website, you may be using some faulty search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Using wrong or outdated SEO methods can severely hamper the amount of traffic that your website receives. Here are a few commonly misused SEO tactics.

1. Futile Article Writing

 Writing articles for a company such as EzineArticles may provide some links to your website, but it is a highly ineffective, slow way for increasing website traffic. Instead, start writing guest posts on other blogs. This is a more personable way to get to know your audience and introduce yourself to a variety of different bloggers.

2. No News, No Press Release.

 Trying to get a press interview when you have no news is a faulty SEO method. Do something worthy of the news. If you really do something noteworthy, eventually you may be noticed and the rewards in links will come.

3.  Cheap Links and Weak Content

 Link only to information and content that is valuable and beneficial for your readers. The links in your content should make sense and direct your readers to what they are looking for. Content on your webpage should be quality and informative, not flowery and vague. If you outsource your writing, make sure your writers are writing valuable, link friendly content. When writing yourself, make sure what you are writing is something you are happy with. If you are not satisfied with your content, then how can your readers be happy with it?

4. SEO and Social Media

 Social media plays an active role in SEO today. Ignoring the benefits of social media is not healthy and neither is having the social media automated and available because it is necessary. Interaction with your readers is vital so make it a point to create ways to network with them in a personal way.

5. Singular Focus

 If you are basing your success with SEO on your website’s rankings, then you need to think again. Keep in mind that a websites analytics are very important no matter if you are down on the bottom of the search engines or on the top. Look at the search engines that are directing you to your website. Pay attention to your stats and find out where your traffic is coming from. This will help decide where and what exactly to put your efforts into SEO.

6. Tacky Websites

 Is your website user-friendly, SEO compatible, and pleasing to look at? If the answer to any of these is no, it is time to rethink your website. Find a professional and guide him through your preferences. Having an up-to-date website really does help with traffic.

7. Lack of SEO Planning

 Without planning, struggling with increasing your website traffic seems like an overwhelming task. If you want to be successful, the age old advice of planning ahead does really help. Constantly evaluate your plan and make changes if necessary. Start planning today for SEO success!


By Henry Passot


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