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Social Media Can Be Profitable (or Not) for Remodelers

Savvy remodeling contractors recognize the importance of good customer service.  Building construction and remodeling is an industry that is highly affected by word of mouth, whether good or bad.  News travels fast, and in this increasingly high-tech world, with social media, news travels even faster.  While tweets on Twitter may not get much of a response, there is plenty of research to show that a growing percentage of the adult population is using some form of social media for research prior to making a purchasing decision.

What does this mean for building contractors who specialize in remodeling?  Of course, the obvious first answer is that it opens up more channels for direct marketing, perhaps more accurately targeted than traditional methods such as mail, or even bulk e-mail.

Be aware that regular users of social media tend to be vocal.  It’s easy to express your opinion on a variety of sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the list is growing.  Online communities pop up at an alarming rate.  For example, Pinterest was introduced in 2010 as a by-invitation only beta.  But in just two years it’s grown to the #3 position.

Social media frequenters like to sound off, and it’s incredibly easy to post an opinion.  According to a recent Nielsen survey, approximately 90% of consumers trust the recommendations and reviews they encounter on social media sites.  If you keep this in mind, you’ll keep customer service at the top of the list.  One bad experience can quickly flash across the Internet, and in minutes the user’s unfavorable report of you has been communicated to a multitude of potential customers.  But the reverse is also true – people tend to talk about things they enjoy and have been pleased with, so if you’ve cultivated a reputation for taking care of your customers, that message will get out there, too.  And there is plenty of indication that these users are extremely loyal.  When they find something good they’ll stick with it, even if it means paying a little more, and they’ll tell people about it, too.

If you’ve held back from jumping on the social media train, you may want to reconsider.  With the consumer trend going the way it is, you may have no choice – you’ll find your name being passed around anyway.  But it’s up to you to have an influence on what’s being said, and ultimately the success of your remodeling business could depend on it.  Keep customer service as your #1 priority, and work with a social media marketing professional who can help you influence your online reputation. 




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