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SEO TIPS: Copywriting for Google AdWords

When writing ads for Google AdWords campaigns, you have to make sure your ads are targeting the correct demographics. Ads are pretty much useless if people don’t click on them. Clicks in turn cost you loads of money if you aren’t getting any conversions. The best plan is not to get your ads served at every possible opportunity, but to get them served up to the people who are looking to buy your product or service!
The first step to writing effective ad copy is idde3ntifying your target audience. You can instantly exclude whole sectors of the population based on language (if you only have an English website), location (If you only ship or serve certain areas, or want to build a strong local business) and even weather (can’t sell a lot of raincoats in Sonoma) or rural/urban (New Yorkers don’t as a rule need fly spray or wormer for cattle). Depending on what you are marketing, you will want to ask yourself ‘who will be interested in this’ and target accordingly.

Writing effective ad copy is how you make AdWords work for you, instead of you working for AdWords!

Narrow the field down, and strip out keywords that will attract too wide of an audience. You will still have main keywords that describe your service or product, but the ones you will be focusing on will be the qualifiers – the keywords that directly target the demographic you are aiming for. Make sure your ad is only being shown when the keywords typed in are specific to your site. If you sell organic fruit baskets, you don’t want the ad popping every time someone types the word fruit or baskets – you want to clarify with organic, pesticide free, etc.

Test serveral different variations of your ads. This will allow you to compare different approaches and select the one that works best. Your goal is a high click through ratio that is followed by a high conversion rate – without conversions the clicks are just costing you money..

Track your results by monitoring your click through ratio, your conversion rate and the activity of visitors on your site. When you find a particular inner page showing a lot of traffic, you can think about making it an actual landing page and saving your customers a step.

Include important keywords in your ad for higher visibility, and use ‘hook’ words like ‘get’, ‘learn’, ‘best’ and ‘new’. Add your price (it can be your rock bottom price, without add-ons, shipping or handling) to your ad to prevent a high click through and a low conversion. If visitors click the ad simply to surf, your pay per click budget is being wasted.

Use calls to action in your ad copy. Buy Today, Save Now, Download for Free. You want viewers to act on your ad, not just look at it. This is your chance to sell the benefits of your product or service. Inform them what it will do for them, make them visualize it and then tell them to do it NOW. You have to explain why you are better than your competitors, that you are the biggest and the best; have the highest quality or the lowest price.

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