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SEO TIPS: Make your SEO More Effective.

Welcome! Here’s some more tips on how to make your SEO more effective.


Sometimes specialty jobs need to be done in support of SEO and you may be able to outsource some of these if you can convince your company it is cheaper and more efficient than, say, paying you overtime.

You can often hire out such one-off tasks as landing page design, custom script development or CMS modifications. It may be most expeditiously accomplished by contracting out the work. Paid search is the most obvious candidate for outsourcing, unless that is your primary job.


You don’t want to go overboard with this, but sometimes doing a little automating is a good thing. You just have to know what is safe to automate and what has to be hands on. Some portions of SEO can be automated by programmatically pushing database fields. For reporting, configure analytic reports to eliminate any need for manual data extraction. This takes up front time, but saves you in the long run. This is one example of paying it forward so to speak, but tools like HootSuite can also be used to help you keep ahead of your social media needs as well.


Not everyone is going to know what you do, understand it or necessarily care about it even. Educate your company about your job so they do get it! There is no better way to get the respect you deserve than to give a presentation that manages to keep their interest and ends with a reporting of how much you have increased profits. The bottom line always gets people’s attention and could be the key to getting you the kind of budget that allows you to hire some help as needed.


Whatever you know right now will likely be obsolete within a year – and that is being generous. Add to that, new tools and platforms are always coming out that can be leveraged in a variety of ways that can make your job easier and more effective. Don’t let opportunities to learn more about your trade be sacrificed (or delegated to off-work hours) . Insist that you are in a field with rapid changes, and that investing in your ongoing education increases your value to the company.

Do it

No matter what you know, what tools and information you have or what people you can delegate to, you’ve got to do the job consistently! Every day, ask yourself the question, “what SEO did I do today?” You should always have a specific answer. This should never be something you have to dig down deep to think about.

Each day, no matter how swamped you are, find an hour or two to actually do SEO, even if it is as simple or lowly as redirecting a URL adding metatags or posting a blog. That keeps you from feeling that a day of meetings and report summaries was not worthless.

Keep on doing your best by following these tips, and being a one man band will become something you love to do! A team is great, but sometimes it is better to go the DIY route. If you are one of those people that can do the work of a team as effectively and efficiently, don’t be afraid of being the one man band.


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