SEO TIPS: Time to Start Fresh

It’s not the end of the year yet, but it is the end of the season which means it’s time to evaluate how your SEO efforts have been working out. It’s time for the end of the season pep talk about keywords. Keywords? You say. I’m sick to death of keywords!!
Well, maybe you are, but the fight for internet superiority marches on with or without you, and to stay in the game you have to do keyword research. Okay, it’s not a ton of fun to most people and not everyone feels terribly confident about doing it, but the fact is, you have to do it.
“But why?” you whine. Because I said so – OK, not really, but seriously- you have to get in the groove with keyword targeting because let’s face it-  depending on sheer luck to grab traffic isn’t going to work out too well most times.
Magic SEO elves don’t just show up and make it all work. You have to make it happen – or hire someone to make happen. Either way, it doesn’t just take care of itself.
Everything you do starts with keywords. Keywords are the foundation, the starting point for SEO. Knowing what a keyword is and sticking it in your article is one thing. It is a step in the right direction, but there is so much more to it than that!
What really counts (and what far too many SEO gurus really don’t get) is that density matters. It is a factor you cannot ignore. The thing is it important, just not in the way some of them think.
A big problem many webmasters face is writing copy that isn’t overly pushy. Writing SEO friendly content that doesn’t read like ad copy is not only possible, it’s really pretty easy. This is one thing there really is a simple formula for.
If you start from the right place and head towards the right place, it is really quite easy. It’s much easier than doing corrections after the fact for sure. It’s the folks who blindly follow ‘gurus’ in circles that get in trouble time and time again.
What kinds of mistakes are made? What exactly is starting in the right place? The first mistake many people make is choosing the wrong keywords to target. This can be corrected with research. The second mistake is saturating their content with that keyword.

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