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Can You Make Your Projects More Fun to Work On?

A project team is smiling in a meeting while all looking at the laptop on the desk and having fun.The project world is a lot more fun than many other jobs I have done in the past. As far as I am concerned there is something innately thrilling about taking on a new project which makes it a working environment which is both thrilling and rewarding.

Having said that, there is always the chance that you forget about how fun the job can be as time goes by. It is also possible that your team members feel that their role isn’t giving them the pleasure that they thought it might. Thankfully there are some smart ways of making sure you avoid your projects becoming dull.

Get a Good Team Together

The makeup of your project team will go a long way towards both its success and the enjoyment you all get out of it. I like to see a good mix of different personalities and styles in there. This helps in a work sense but it also means that it is a more interesting team to work on as well. What I really mean to say here is that you shouldn’t think just about work skills when you are putting your team together. While this is clearly important you also need to think about how everyone will get along together and enjoy their work. You can’t be expected to know exactly how your new team will interact with each other but you can look ahead as intelligently as possible.

Be Creative 

One of the best things about being a project manager is that you get a lot more flexibility to be creative than you do in many other roles. This is great news if you tend to get frustrated in jobs where you need to follow very strict guidelines all the time. When you work as a project leader you will have a great deal of freedom to try and make your projects as exciting as possible. This covers just about every aspect of the role, from how you organize your team building events to how you plan the whole piece of work. This is one of the elements of the job which is most likely to give you a great deal of pleasure if you look at it in the right way. It certainly could take you a while to get used to working like this if you aren’t used to it but after a while you will come to realize that it is a more interesting way of working than sticking to rigid guidelines all the time.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

It is easy to get bogged down on seemingly interminable little tasks on a project. I have always found that it is far better to spread out these jobs among the team and try and make sure that no one person has to cope with too much of these boring tasks at one time. There is usually a mixture of interesting and less interesting tasks on each project and I think that it is important that you find a way to spread them out evenly and fairly. This isn’t always very easy to do but it is definitely worth taking the time and making the effort to do it. It will make your life easier and the rest of your team members should also appreciate it. There are few things worse in your working day than getting bogged down in a set of horrible tasks so it is definitely worth avoiding.

Be Positive

It is hugely important that you stay positive on the projects you work on. This will help you enjoy them more and it will also rub off on the people around you. It can be easy to get slightly downbeat on some longer, more difficult pieces of work if we are being honest. Difficult stakeholders, tough deadlines and other problems can all add up to make it seem like a bit of a struggle on a daily basis. However, after you have gained some experience in the role you will work out that how you approach each new day makes a big difference to how you feel and how the day pans out. By being positive you will make sure that you make the job as much fun as possible and avoid getting too upset or down in the mouth about the problems you encounter along the way. After a while you will no doubt come up with other ways to make the role as much fun as you would like it to be.

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