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Reasons to Consider a More Global Approach to Team Building

A global project team.When you go about attracting and recruiting members of your project team it is easy to focus on the people who are right there under your nose.

Most of the teams I have worked with have had a strong focus on local workers, simply because this is the accepted way of doing things and it looks a lot easier than any other approach. However, I have learned that bringing in different workers from across the globe can offer some definite advantages in the project world.

Save Money

This quite a delicate subject really, isn’t it? If you work somewhere like UK or the US then you could save money by outsourcing some of your work to India or maybe the Philippines. When this way of working first started getting talked about in the UK a lot of people seemed set against it. The biggest complaints against it were that it took jobs away from the local market and that it exploited foreign workers by offering them lower wages than would have been given to someone closer to home. It certainly takes jobs away from certain countries but if you can find a great worker at a reasonable salary isn’t that what the free market is all about? As for the second point, I have firsthand experience of this. My wife is South American and when we lived there I did freelance work over the internet. I didn’t earn as much as I did back home but it was still a more than acceptable salary for the cost of living there.

Get a Different Point of View

An interesting feature of working with people from faraway lands is that you can get different opinions and ways of working out of them. This is especially useful in the project world, where innovative and creative approaches are often necessary. If you get someone from a different culture in your team then you can expect them to look at certain tasks in a different way from you and the rest of the local team. No one is right and no one is wrong when you get different opinions; it is simply a question of picking the right one for the situation each time.

Keep It Interesting    

A project manager job is likely to be interesting enough for you as it is but you can never have too much of a good thing. Having a team which is spread across the globe can make your days at work a little bit more interesting. If you take the time to get to know your more distant workers then this can help you forge a bond with them and make sure that you all get more out of the job. Of course, there can also be a lot of challenges involved in dealing with people who live and work far from you. However, in my opinion the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks and make it well worth doing things this way at least once to see if you like it and want to keep doing it in the future.

Get the Right Skills

If you are struggling to get hold of team members which the skills you need then looking further afield could be the answer. Looking on the internet for global freelancers is a terrific way of finding people who can do the things which you need done. I have worked in relatively big cities like Edinburgh and London but even there it can sometimes be a tough task to get hold of the right people. The first consideration is the cash on offer, especially if you need someone who possesses skills which are highly sought after. You could end up blowing your staffing budget if you need experts badly and need to pay through the nose for it. Apart from that, the other big problem could be that you don’t need them to do work for you on a long term basis. You should be able to get someone online for just a few weeks or days of work but will you be so lucky in the local jobs market? Again, if they have knowledge and abilities which are in demand then they might have no interest in taking on a short term project which offers them no security. In these you shouldn’t despair. Instead, you can go online and see where in the world you are going to find the person you need.

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