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10 Free Awesome Icon Sets For Your Next Design


A icon not just small graphic, they have big function on your web or apps designs in order to help user to navigate. Good icons can be replaced the text based interface. By this post I have collected 10 sets of nice and beautiful icons worth for your icon collection to help you designing beautiful websites and applications or even get inspiration. They are free to use, but however please read carefully the license on each pages.

So, here are the icons, let check them out and enjoy!

200 Vector Icons

This lovingly honed set, of 200 vector icons is fantastic for use on all manner of sites. With subjects ranging from science to entertaining, the vast scope of the icons means that you’re bound to find something useful.


12 Flat SEO icons

This set of 12 flat SEO icons is perfect for adding a light-hearted and playful tone to sites. The flat aesthetic is set off beautifully by the modern color palette and the addition of the long shadow technique is a sophisticated touch.


Flat but not flat rounded social icons

Flat design is all the rage, and trend-conscious clients are beginning to ask for redesigns to meet the current fad for all things flat.


500 Vector Mega Icon Pack

Today we’re excited to share an awesome vector pack from Freepik.com The set includes a whopping 500 vectors icons, provided as both individual PNG files as well as a master Illustrator file for quick resizing.


Simplycons Icon Set

A set of 50 minimalist icons designed exclusively for Webdesigner Depot by Patrik Larsoon from SimplyPixels, a self taught web designer from Sweden with a passion for creativity and design.


Ultimate Social Icon Set

A social icon set which contains all the latest icons needed for you social needs! It includes a total of 75 icons, provided in three sizes: 16×16, 32×32 and 64×64.


200 icons from Inventicons

A great icon set from Inventicons! It includes 200 free icons that you can use for personal and commercial uses.


Apple Icon Devices

This set of icons features some of Apple’s top selling products, from the iPad to the brand new iPhone 4S. The set includes a total of 10 exclusive icons designed with exquisite detail and provided to you as both PNG and Illustrator files.


Woven Fabric Social Media Icon Set

This woven fabric set of social media icons was created by Jan Cavan from Dawghouse. Although not suitable for every type of site, these icons will look wonderful on websites that use texture and have an organic approach to their design.


Simplito: A free social icon set

The awesome folks at DesignDeck has designed a cool set of 24 social icons which we’re calling “Simplito”. The icons are provided as JPGs, PNGs and a master PSD file for easy editing.


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