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Alternatives to Pinterest – Darts, Tacks and Montages for Men

According to a recent study by Pew, it was found that 25% of women used Pinterest compared to just 5% of men. For men who complain about a lesser number of masculine pins, here’s some good news. The following sites feature manly content and are great alternatives to Pinterest.

Dartitup: Co-founded by Brandon Harris a year back, this site focuses more on manly content. It was started as an alternative due to Brandon’s personal experience with Pinterest. This website maintains that it is not like Pinterest or other male oriented sites because it is more interactive compared to the others. Users can debate by uploading images against the ones of the administrators and can also earn points for doing so. There are ‘Darts’ instead of pins on Dartitup.

Gentlemint: This site was founded in November 2011 and offers “a mint of manly things.” It also featured in PC Mags Top 100 Websites of 2012. Unlike Pinterest, users can “tack” images and popular topics onto ‘collections’ here. Cofounder Glen Stansberry said that his site concentrated mainly on male-oriented content and that the gender doesn’t matter.

Dudepins: Dudepins was meant to be a site that focused majorly on guy things. It refers to being a site for men and manly things. Cofounder Kamil Szybaski told Daily Dot that the goal of Dudepins is to be a place where one can find and search for cool things for men. Instead of boards, Dudepins has montages, which are their versions of boards.


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