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Google for Entrepreneurs Week

Google for Entrepreneurs in Sydney this week

Here at Loves Data, we’re big fans of the entrepreneurial spirit. The problem-solving, go-get-’em attitude is something we actively encourage in the office. So when the opportunity to attend the opening day of Google for Entrepreneurs Week in Sydney came up, we jumped at the chance.

The keynote speaker was Venkat Panchapakesan, Google’s VP of Engineering who flew in from Mountain View to highlight the game-changing developments in the last few years – from the role of the cloud, to that of mobile computing.

The rest of the day was divided into Marketing and Developer streams, full of information about Google’s various apps and tools available to help startups and small business. Each speaker made the most of the 45 minutes they had to introduce and explain the benefits of their tool or application.

We loved it! If you attended or wanted to attend ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ we think you will probably be interested in taking a deeper dive into Google AdWords and Google Analytics with our friendly Google certified trainers.

Come below the surface with us and learn the functionalities and best practice for Google AdWords and Google Analytics. All the stuff that the introductions at ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’ got you ready to explore.

Google AdWords

If you’ve set up an AdWords account but you’re a little time poor and don’t think it’s going to get much TLC, consider AdWords Express, which lets Google do the hard yards of managing keywords and ad creative for you. We have a great post about it here.

If you’re a little more advanced and are wondering how to manage your search ads in the multi-device setting that is enhanced campaigns, join us for our free webinar on October 23 at 11am Sydney time.


Google Analytics

As Jamie Woodbridge from Google Australia put it so well at the conference, Google Analytics is a monster of a tool, with a wealth of features. To help you through your explorations, we have a series of videos on our YouTube channel that can take you through the reports and functions.

After Hours Events

Sometimes, the best way to learn is face to face. Join us for an After Hours Event in the city for an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the best in the industry. Coming up in October are sessions on web optimisation, and remarketing with Google AdWords. For more information, hit up the training page on our website.

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