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Madonna Already Stirring Up Trouble for Instagram

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Madonna on Instagram

Just a few weeks after launching a profile on Instagram, Madonna has already been warned that her account may be shut down for failing to adhere to community guidelines.

But it’s not what you think. Yes, the superstar has posted suggestive photos of her cleavage and bodysuit-clad bottom. But those photos don’t (quite) violate Instagram’s ban on nudity. The offending photo was a photograph of a Man Ray photograph of his topless lover, according to an account on the fan site Madonnarama. The photo was quickly removed and Instagram sent the pop goddess a warning, which she promptly posted.

“Hello Madonna, It has come to our attention that your account on Instagram has violated our Community Guidelines,” the notice began. “In short we ask you to…,” it continued in a tone that seems odd when addressed to a superstar.

The Man Ray photo also broke Instagram’s ban on sharing photos that don’t belong to the user, although Madonna’s photos of photos of Frida Kahlo haven’t been removed. It’s an interesting case study because, with Madonna behind the shutter, there is value added in the duplicated images. While the photos of Kahlo don’t credit the original photographers, Madonna doesn’t attempt to pass them off as originals.

So is Madonna’s post of the warning notice creating bad PR for Instagram?

Well, quasi-competitor Mobli hopes so. They’ve posted their own notice to the superstar:

“Hello Madonna…In short, we humbly as that you share whatever f***ing phtos you want on Mobli. You’re Madonna,” Mobli wrote, taking a rather different tone with the pop icon.

Mobili is also aggressively campaigning to get Madonna to join its photo- and video-sharing service with a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #MadonnaOnMobli.

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