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Reddit Insight Delivers Analytics on Subreddits, Users, and Posts

Most analytics tools aren’t designed to measure karma points and upvotes instead of views and clicks, which is why reddit was due for an analytics suite of its own. Using reddit’s API, a five-person team at the San Francisco coding academy Hack Reactor has created such a tool: Reddit Insight.

In addition to a search bar for tracking real-time statistics on individual posts or scores for individual accounts, the website features statistics on individual subreddits, or subject threads, on the link-sharing site that redditors can use to measure the success of their own activities against those of the larger community.

“We downloaded the Reddit,” the homepage reads. “What we found will surprise you.” A word cloud that shows the most common keywords in the animal-themed subreddit, for example, reveals that “dogs” appear more often in the subject line of the subreddit “aww” than “cats” or “kittens.”

On reddit, engagement is high, but not every interaction results in karma points for the person who submits a post.

There’s also an Interaction graph that shows whether the community’s responses within a subreddit are positive or negative compared to the overall number of people who leave comments, upvotes, and downvotes. (It turns out that what other reddit users find “Funny” is very controversial, while “Morbid Reality” is less so.)

In short, reddit is a treacherous landscape. Now there’s a map.


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