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Recognizing Social Media Done Wrong

When social media is done correctly, it is easy to see what is going well. When it is done incorrectly, however, finding out what has been done wrong can be a major challenge. Hundreds of things can literally be done wrong that are killing your social media campaign.

Fortunately, the problems can usually be traced back to a few main issues which aren’t all that difficult to correct. Today, we’ll take a look at what those problems are and provide a pointer or two to help get on the right track.
Recognizing Social Media Done Wrong
Being Anti-Social. The biggest stumbling block is not being social. It’s called social networking for a reason – interaction is a part of what makes the machine run. If all you are doing is putting up your own content and ignoring everything and everyone else, that isn’t social.

This is called broadcasting, and no one likes a broadcaster. What you need to do to correct this is interact with people a little. Leave some comments and give people a chance to see that you reciprocate.

Sharing the Wrong Content. You might just be posting the wrong content. Not all content is created equally. Some content is obviously better than other content. You need to provide people with something that gives them the opportunity to engage with it.

That might mean leaving a comment, sharing it or even just liking or plussing the content. The idea is that you want to draw people in and get them used to seeing what you have and enjoying it – even if it means sharing a silly cat picture now and then. If all you share is dry, boring material, you won’t have an audience.

Being Self Centered. Get over yourself! Unless you are marketing yourself, there is no reason to spend your time droning on and on about every detail of your day. If you sell websites, for instance, no one needs to have 10 pictures of a bowl of soup you made cluttering up their feed.

Similarly, they aren’t too likely to care about your workout or whatever whiney rant you are on. They want to hear about your business – that is why they subscribed to you in the first place. Give them what they want.

Being a Pest. Don’t pester people with a constant stream of invitations and tagged content. No one likes being annoyed over and over. Mass inviting people to do something that is for your benefit far more than theirs is rude.

Tagging people in photos and updates for no reason by trying to generate activity at the expense of their annoyance is stupid. It is going to get you a lot of people unubscribing/un-following and likely a wave of spam/abuse reports as well. Also, don’t private message people invites to everything you do either. It’s just as rude, more so even in the eye of some.

Social media is actually very easy to grasp. Give people what they want in an engaging manner. Don’t be a pest and don’t beg for activity. Finally, be social! Reciprocate and play nice with others. If you do right by others, they’ll do right by you.

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