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Effective Content Marketing Adds Context and Builds Relationships

oct1031a1 300x250 Effective Content Marketing Adds Context and Builds RelationshipsDo you remember your first teacher?  Many of us have fond memories of the one who opened up a whole new world of discovery for us.  Chances are that teacher was a valued and trusted source of information.  Now draw on that memory and what it evokes for you to help you get a fix on what content marketing can do for your followers.

Content marketing can be the savior of any new small business, or its bane, and there are common principles to guide the process of developing action-focused plans that will take your company from actions to results. They aren’t always as easy to follow, though, because the temptation to cut corners, particularly in the beginning stages of a successful company, has to be balanced against “getting it right the first time.” Nonetheless, they are usually clear and unambiguous, even if a bit insurmountable in a crisis:

  • Education. Content on a website or in any communication from you, or those who represent you, to a customer or potential customer, should reflect the same values and describe the same company in the same way. This doesn’t mean that online offers have to be replicated in paper mailings—far from it—but the customer has to be able to know at a glance that they’re dealing with the same people who want the same thing and will treat them the same. The context of your descriptions should point to the same structure of content and make them easily comparable.
  • Continuity. Not only is it important to maintain a consistent presence between different components of content marketing, it’s also important that they only change over time in the way that you want. Put another way, time shouldn’t bring unintended surprises for customers. They want to know that their decisions would be as appropriate today as tomorrow, if confronted with the same business situation and market environment. That’s the key to building a sustained relationship that customers value: keeping something constant across all your communications from one moment to the next, and presenting changes in the context of values and principles that remain constant.

These tenets can be as burdensome or fragile as you want them to be, and that’s the key: balancing all the different factors to produce decisions that drive market presence and growth. By making sure customers and prospective customers know who you are and what you’ll do for them, now and in the future, that first point of contact can endure to preserve a healthy, fruitful relationship that stands the test of time.

Effective content marketing is just one aspect of successfully promoting your small MN business online.  Whether it’s for your website, blog, or social media pages, we’ve got the tools to help.  Give our Mpls SEO company a call today to find out what we can do for you.


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