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Facebook Joins the #Hashtag Movement

It’s a move that makes perfect sense. In June, 2012, Facebook finally followed Twitter into the wonderful, wide-ranging and sometimes wacky world of #personalhashtags.

Cleverly, Facebook has set up its end of this popular social media equation so that Facebook users who use hashtags on other social media platforms that are connected to their Facebook page will automatically render those searchable at the Facebook end. Under this new functionality umbrella, hashtags can be placed within advertising on the site.

Many people on Twitter use hashtags as the equivalent of a joke punchline. The first part of the message is the set-up and the hashtag that ends it is the equivalent of an “if you know what I mean.”From #specialABCpromotion to #justsayin, these elements can go a long way towards personalizing the social media conversation.

They can also, more critically, make certain messages come up more clearly at the search end. On Twitter, and now Facebook, savvy users and marketing professionals often search not by using keywords but rather with the help of a specific hashtag. They want to pull up the part of the conversation that is being shared by those in that sub-group know.

That works the other way now on Facebook as well. Never forget the power of these new hashtags when it comes to doing your own search and investigation. If you notice a #Facebookterm that is relevant to your business activities and interests, stop for a moment and do a quick Facebook search for it. What you discover my be some immediate, of-the-minute new business leads.

Only a small percentage of Facebook users were included in the initial hashtag functionality rollout, but soon everyone will have access to this tool. From Facebook’s point of view, the move was almost inevitable, as it acknowledges the power of the hashtag movement on Twitter and allows those that jump back and forth all day between the two platforms to powerfully link the two sides of their social media brand. It’s what the marketing industry likes to refer to as a #winwin.

Thinking of jumping aboard the social media bandwagon?  It only shows signs of growing in its influence.  We can help you become a part of this expanding online marketing area. 


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