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Managing Social Media Marketing Expectations

It all sounds so simple. Amp it up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and the customer leads will start rolling in. If only this were true.

The fact is, a business is setting itself up for disappointment if it goes into the social media world expecting instant, massive results. On Twitter for example, outside of the realm of celebrity accounts, most followers rarely click on the links you’re sending out.

Begging for likes on Facebook meanwhile is the surest way to sour that platform’s community. And trying to connect to an industry peer or potential partner on LinkedIn too soon can be the kiss of rejection death. They will ignore the invite and move on.

Is there a golden rule or two for these social media networks? Not really. It’s a constantly moving world, and in many cases a dangerous one if people get offended by something you tweet, status-update or circle share.

There is no doubt that Facebook is the best place to start. There’s also no need to jump on all four leading social media platforms at once. Start, if you are doing so clean, just with Facebook. Then maybe, at the right time, add a Twitter account that is already registered and waiting to go.

LinkedIn is extremely powerful for sharing authentic marketing content, with that network having made major moves in 2012-13 to expand the content sharing side of its operation. The jury is still a little bit more out on Google+. While its hangout video technology is second to none, there are simply not enough people on it compared to Facebook.

If a business can manage pages on both Facebook and Google+, power to them. But again, it’s perfectly reasonably to start off with just a Facebook page and work gradually from there.

One of the reasons Facebook is still the leader of the business social-media pack is the variety of ways it allows users to customize and place advertising. There’s nothing to match this functionality yet on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Facebook rules when it comes to the 21st century, next-phase stage of the world Google AdWords once had to itself.

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