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What Should You Know About Pinterest As A Social Media Marketing Platform?

Are you thinking of using Pinterest for your social media marketing needs? Are you thinking of hiring a social media marketing company to take care of your Pinterest requirements? You have your eyes on the right spot, yes, Pinterest is the latest buzz in the social media marketing and thousands of businesses are trying to tap the potential of Pinterest in promoting their websites, brands and services. Before you can start your journey with Pinterest marketing, here are few things that you should know about this social media platform.
Pinterest As A Social Media Marketing Platform

We already know that YouTube, Vimeo, etc focus on video sharing and there is yet another visual platform, which is photographs or images. For those who are interested in sharing their photographs or images, Pinterest is the best place. You might ask why should I use Pinterest, I already have a Facebook account where I am already sharing my photos. Yes, you are right Facebook allows you to share photos but people that visit Facebook do not come there to search for photos but they come to Facebook with a different intention and they happen to see the photos that you share. You can continue with your Facebook efforts as well but along with that, you can also try using Pinterest, which is platform that specializes in photos or images. Pinterest also allows you to share videos but the major thrust here is images.

Secondly, if you have products or services that are women oriented then you must bank on Pinterest social media marketing because Pinterest attracts loads of women and reports indicate that this platform has the higher percentage of female users. This does not however mean that men oriented products or services can be promoted in this social media platform.

Before you embark on your Pinterest social media marketing efforts, you should make sure that your website has some interesting visually appealing components so that you can share them in Pinterest.

If you have been wondering whether there are any link benefits from Pinterest then here is the good news for you. Yes, Pinterest links are indexable links. Search engines can follow these links and your website will certainly get the link benefits. However, you will have to keep a tab on the status of back links here because Pinterest may change its policy anytime and go along with the other social media platforms by making the links into ‘no follow’ links.

If you want your Pinterest efforts to be fruitful, you cannot be a self-centered Joe all the time. You should also show interest in the other people’s pins. You will be able to develop a network in Pinterest only by showing interest in the other people’s pins, otherwise, you will become a totally ignored marketer in Pinterest.

You should not make the mistake of posting or pinning just the offers and deals in Pinterest. This will make things look very unnatural and soon people will lose interest in what you are sharing.

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