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Happy New Year from Web Analytics Demystified

On behalf of the rapidly growing team at Web Analytics Demystified I wanted to wish all of my clients, readers, and friends a Happy New Year! I say rapidly growing because 2012 saw unprecedented growth for the Demystified team:

  • In February we added Brian Hawkins to the team to build out our Testing, Optimization, and Personalization practice. Testing has long been a fundamental component of our strategic client engagements, and adding Brian to the team has allowed us to take our support for optimization to entirely new levels. With nearly a year with Demystified under his belt, the one thing that strikes me as most impressive about Brian (and client’s clearly agree) is how he never runs out of great ideas for testing! Check out Brian’s blog to see what he is up to …
  • In September we added Kevin Willeitner to the team to build out our Implementation and Systems Integration practice. One of the most common requests we had from clients following our strategic work has been “can you help us implement your recommendations?” While we have worked in the past with a variety of third-parties and partners, at the end of the day what clients were saying was “can YOU help us …” — it turned out more than anything clients were looking for the seniority and stability that Web Analytics Demystified has long stood for in the analytics industry. When I realized this, I immediately went and hired the best systems integrator I knew, Kevin Willeitner, and not to brag, but Kevin recently helped one of our clients deploy Google Analytics Premium via Ensighten across nearly 50 brand, mobile, and social sites … all in less than 45 days. See what Kevin is thinking about these days …
  • In December, again responding to key strategic clients telling us they were tired of working with junior, unskilled, and inexperienced consultants who ended up creating as many problems as they solved, we added Michele Kiss to the Demystified team to build out our Analysis and Analyst Support practice. Michele is a certified analytics industry rock-star, often referred to as “the voice of analytics,” and has an amazing breadth of experience as an end-user client and consultant. Check out Michele’s blog and learn more about our newest Partner …

Adding Brian, Kevin, and Michele to the team, augmenting the amazing work that John, Adam, and I have long been doing for clients, really amounts to a shift in what Web Analytics Demystified is able to do for our clients. Whereas in the past we have had to rely on other firms, partners, and vendor resources … now clients are able to form a strategic partnership with Web Analytics Demystified and work with the most experienced consultants in the industry, exclusively. In the short span of 12 months we have gone from a largely strategic firm, providing oversight over dozens of moving parts, to a single-source provider of the deepest body of analytics expertise available in the industry today.

Pretty cool, at least for our clients.

I sincerely hope that your 2012 was as amazing, productive, and exciting as mine was, and that you are similarly excited about what 2013 will bring. If you have any questions about Brian, Kevin, or Michele, or how the entire Web Analytics Demystified team might be able to help you expand your use of analytics, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can set up a time to talk.


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