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Why I am excited about Webtrends Streams

This morning we are very excited to announce that Web Analytics Demystified has partnered with Webtrends as a consulting and development partner on their recently announced Webtrends Streams platform. You can read all the details in the official Webtrends press release, and I contributed a lengthy post to the Webtrends blog that details why I am so excited about Streams and what we are able to do with it.

In a nutshell:

  • At Web Analytics Demystified we are increasingly seeing clients integrating disparate data as a rule, not an exception, in their reporting and analysis;
  • Because of the disparate and rapidly evolving nature of the connected world, this integration at times becomes complex to the point of being absurd;
  • Experience has shown that “traditional” analytics platforms do a reasonably poor job handling new data (e.g., mobile app data, social data, etc.);
  • I personally do not believe that this pace of change will abate — we will only have “more data” coming from “more devices” from this point forward.

Given all of this, for the past few years I have been on the lookout for a truly robust “generic” data collector — a device that would allow us to tag anything and that would deliver that data to us in a reasonably fast and programatic way. Essentially a log file for, well, everything digital … web sites, mobile apps, social interactions, geographic locations, in-game actions … even turning up the heat in your house or shutting off your lights when you’re not home.

I have seen many solutions that were close … some very close … but I think that Webtrends has solved the problem with Streams.

When you first see Webtrends Streams you’ll think “oh, yeah, real-time data … I have seen that before … it’s useless.” It turns out that the most interesting thing about the platform is not the real-time nature of Streams; that is really more of a “nice to have” than the core value proposition. Also, Webtrends Streams is not for everyone. If you’re not using the analytics you already have with any level of proficiency to create tangible business value … well, you’re probably better off focusing on that first.

But if you’re like an increasing number of Web Analytics Demystified clients, and if you’re ready to start really pushing the envelope with what you’re able to do with the multiple, disparate data your business is inevitably generating, we’d love to discuss Webtrends Streams.

(I will be in San Francisco later this month and if you’d like a live demonstration of the product email me directly and we can set up a time to meet.)

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