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Hey! This Project Is Almost Too Easy

Relaxed businessman sitting at desk in front of office windows,Wouldn’t it be great if you were occasionally handed a little project which was really almost too easy to run? We all like a challenge now and then but the easy life has a lot to recommend it as well.

So what will you do if you are given a piece of work which is almost too easy? Well, there are more options than you might think of initially.

Get Some Training Done

Every project manager should be constantly on the lookout for the chance to get some more training done. There will be plenty of times in which you won’t be able to even think about doing this so when you get a relatively easy project then you need to take advantage of this to sort out some training. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to you, as you should also take the opportunity to get some training organised for your team members at the same time. This means that it is very important that everyone in the team always has their personal development plan up to date; so that you can take advantage of slow periods like this to quickly get some courses arranged on what they most need.

Take Some Time Off

How long has it been since you had some time off? It can be tough for a project manager to take time off and the arrival of an easy looking project can be a terrific opportunity to do this. This can allow you to grab a quick break away somewhere nice or just spend a few days doing some jobs around the house. As in the previous point, don’t forget to give your team members the chance to do the same thing as well. It can be difficult to allow everyone who works for you the days off they would like so you might find that some of them have a few days carried over which they are just as keen to use up as you are to use up yours.

Don’t Underestimate It

Having looked at a couple of great ways to make the most of an easy project we now need to consider whether or not it really is as simple as it first looks. It could be that once you start doing some digging you find out that there is more to the piece of work than you first thought. It pays to do all of your research and hold your project definition meetings before you start to think about putting your feet up at home for a few days or doing some much needed training. Sometimes a project can look laughably easy but complications with demanding stakeholders, huge training needs or geographical issues can ensure that it ends up being one of your toughest pieces of work. You should always go into the early stages of the project expecting a tough job and therefore you will be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be a lot easier than you had imagined it to be.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Of course, even if it turns out to be the easiest project you have ever run you still can’t afford to take your eye off the ball at all. There are many things which can go wrong even when a piece of work appears to be easy to control. The best approach here is to carry on doing whatever you are used to doing, even if it seems as though you are being too fussy in doing a properly worked out plan, a risks and issues log and all of other pieces of control which you have run in the past. Even a simple looking little piece of work can turn into a huge pain if you don’t keep your eyes on the ball at all times.

Ask for Another Project 

If your current project is too easy for you then what about taking on another one? This could be the perfect opportunity for you to diversify a little and improve your experience and your CV by doing a couple of smaller projects at the same time. It has certainly got to be better than sitting around all day waiting for something interesting to happen or for someone to phone you. This is also something which will impress your boss and could lead to you gaining a lot of new contacts. Just be careful not to bite off more than you chew if you do this.

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