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Some Fun Games to Break the Ice at Meetings

A casual-looking group of people in a meeting at their office.I really enjoy running some meetings but at other times it can be a real drag. Why is this?

After thinking about the matter for a while I came to the conclusion that the amount of effort I put into making it an interesting event is probably the biggest factor. A huge part of this is the way the meeting kicks off. If you want to start a meeting in style then here are a few fun, simple games to get things going and break the ice.

The Most Famous Person Who Went to Your School / College

I really like this little game and it takes no time at all to play. All you need to do is tell everyone to introduce themselves and mention the most famous person who went to their school or college. You should start (as with just about every game here) and get the ball rolling by mentioning someone interesting.

What Animal Would You Like to Be and Why?

One of my early project meetings was run by an awesome project manager whom I really looked up to. This guy was so creative that it was always a pleasure to see a meeting invite arrive from him in my inbox. This particular meeting was held early in the morning in a business centre in the local zoo and just walking there past the darkened cages was exciting on its own. His kick off for the meeting was to ask us what animal we most wanted to be and why. Simple and effective.

Introduce Someone Else

Another nice little way to get the introductions done is by getting everyone to introduce someone else. There are two ways of doing this. Firstly, the simple “The person next on my left hand side is called John and he works in IT”. This involves giving the group 5 minutes to split into pairs and ask each other questions.  The other way is to get everyone to write down a few things about themselves on a slip of paper, which are then mixed up. The papers are then read out randomly and you all need to get whose description is being read out.

Introduce Everyone

I have only seen this game played once and it was in a workshop which was run by that same project manager I mentioned earlier. I would start off by saying “Hi, my name is Robert”. My colleague on my left hand side (who knows all about the game before we start) says, “Hi, my name is Frank and the person on my right hand side is called Robert”. The game goes all round the room until the poor person at the end has to say the names of everyone else. This works really well when no one knows each other, as you can be sure that they will remember most of the names after this game.

Desert Island Stuff

If you know what Desert Island Discs is about then this is easy to play. Just ask everyone to introduce themselves and name one CD / book / item of clothing they would take to a desert island with them. It is a game which can get some pretty good discussion going early on and loosen a few tongues, which is what it is all about after all.

Magic Wand

The premise of this ice breaker is simple; if you had a magic wand what would you change in the world? You can get some fantastic ideas out of your attendees on this game as you – as usual – will want to lead the way with something which grabs their attention while they are sitting there thinking about what they are going to say.

True or False

This is my favourite ice breaker of all and it is so quick to play as well as great fun. You just tell everyone that when they say their introduction they need to say one interesting thing about themselves which is true and one which is false. The rest of the group then has to sort out the truth from the lie. You get to hear some amazing true things about colleagues this way and some giant whoppers as well. The great thing about this little game is that everyone loves to take part. We all enjoy telling our colleagues about strange things we have done and making up outrageous lies as well. If you want to inject more life into your meetings then I would suggest giving this one a go first of all.


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