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The 5 Top Things You Don’t Want to Hear First Thing in the Morning

A project manager is frustrated that his morning is not going so well.I am a firm believer in the fact that the way you start your day largely defines how it will continue. This is why I hate to hear bad, unexpected things as I sit down with a hot coffee in my hand and switch on my computer.

The System’s Down

Don’t you just hate it when the system goes down first thing in the morning? At least when it happens later on in the day you will probably be in the swing of things and can carry on without the computer. However, if you are just in and your mind is a blank how you are going to even get started this way? The best suggestion I can come up with is to leave yourself a to-do list at the end of each day, to make sure that you always have something to get you started on days like this.

Everyone Is Off Sick

I’ve been on projects in which we have had days when more than half the team has been off sick. Part of this might be down to a bug going round the office and it is worth getting a health and safety expert to check it out and see if there is anything which can be done to make the office healthier. This is a horrible situation to be in, as you can’t do anything except wish your sick workers well and hope they get back to work soon. I always tell people to stay away from the place for a day or two if they are coming down with something, as this is better than running the risk of them passing it on to the rest of the team. Maybe you can get them to work from home for that time if they are feeling up to it.

 You Forgot About a Meeting

Oh dear. You had so many other things on your mind that you forget that you had to be somewhere else right now for a meeting. This happened to me once but as the meeting room wasn’t far away I managed to get there by running across the car park. This isn’t the sort of thing you want to do very often if you want to appear professional and in control. I would suggest checking your following day’s calendar before you leave at the end of each day. By spending 5 minutes on doing this before going home you can be sure that there will be no nasty surprises for you the following day.

Someone’s Not Happy

I hate it when I have hardly taken my jacket off and one of my colleagues tells me about any angry phone call from an upset stakeholder. This happened to me a few times until I finally put some thought into why it is was happening and it turned out to be all my own fault. You see, I had a habit of sending out any potentially upsetting emails right at the end of the day. I never took a conscious decision to start doing this but I guess it was a way of trying to avoid problems. However, it never worked that way as it only made matters worse if the stakeholder had to wait till the following day to get hold of me. The only way I could resolve this issue was to change my routine and start sending out anything which could cause me some grief earlier on in the day. In fact, I went one step further and starting calling people as I sent them the message. This helped me dictate when I would have these awkward conversations rather than be forced to have them first thing in the morning.

The Project Has Been Cancelled

Can you imagine walking into your office all bright and cheerful and then being told that your project has been cancelled for some reason? This must be a horrible sensation but the best thing you can do it look on the bright side. It is highly unlikely that anything you did wrong caused the cancellation and you are sure to have gained a lot from the experience to date anyway. It might be that the solutions you have come up with and now can’t use could come in handy in another project in the future. Anyway, this project is in the past so all you can do is learn from what has happened and look forward to the next one which is to be given to you.

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