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Whatever You Do Make Sure That You Do It in Style

A well-dressed project manager.When you run a project your first concern has to be around delivering the objectives on time and under budget. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to do only the basics though, does it? Just scraping through each project without adding any sort of style to them isn’t the best way to go.

Whatever type of project you are running it would be nice to do it in style and here are a few ideas for doing so.

Make Your Meetings More Interesting

Your project meetings are where your stakeholders are going to get an idea of how you run the project. You will want them to be professional and slick but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them fun as well. With a little bit of thought you can also do this. This might just mean using more visual aids, adding in a few guest speakers or finding other ways to break up the chunks of time in which you normally stand up there and speak. As well as keeping your stakeholders a little more entertained this approach will also make you feel more pride in the way you hold your project meetings. If you aren’t sure how to do this then try looking for some training courses which could help you gain more PowerPoint skills or feel more comfortable standing up in front of an audience. It might just take a little bit of training to allow you to run far more interesting meetings.

Make Your Documentation Appealing

It usually only takes a few more minutes of work to make a form or a weekly update a bit more appealing. If you want to give out information which makes people sit up and take notice then don’t forget that the style you add to it can be very important. This doesn’t mean that you should overlook the need to get the facts right but it is an added concern which you would do well to consider. If you aren’t strong on attention to detail in this kind of thing then you could maybe get someone in the team to take charge of making the documents you issue look a bit more attractive and eye catching. It’s a small point but it will be noticed but others if you do it right.

Make Life Easier for the Stakeholders

This is a rather more vague point but I think that it is worth making. If you are going to carry out your projects in style then you will almost certainly be making life easier for your stakeholders. This can come across in a variety of different ways such as the ones we already looked at. For example, if your meetings are interesting and the documents you send out are appealing then it will be a lot easier for the stakeholders to digest the information you give out. As well as this, you could do things like design your training courses and workshops to give the greatest possible pleasure to the attendees. I ran a series of training courses on the most boring subject in the world and spent longer designing the game for the breaks than I did on the actual training material. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the shoes of your stakeholders and think about how you can make a more stylish project which makes their life easier or at least less dull.

Make Sure People Understand

There is no point coming up with great solutions if no one understands them. This is why one of the most important aspects of your work has to be that of making the stakeholders and business end users understand what it is all about. This is easier said than done but by doing it with style you can stand a better chance of achieving it. This means taking the time to think about how you can get your points across to them effectively. We don’t all understand things in the same way and it is important that you cater for different types of people when you are putting your points across. There are few different ways of doing this but the starting point for all of them is to realize that it is necessary. Once you have done this you can then concentrate on finding the perfect way of getting your point across to your audience. However you do it you can be sure that doing it in style will give you better end results.

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