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Facebook Users Seek Out Branded Content


Facebook has often been lambasted as having terrible engagement for pages. Other smaller services have apparently vastly surpassed Facebook when it comes to engagement. However, Facebook is still as monolithic as ever, and what it lacks in engagement percentage, it makes up for acting as a home for many brands, according to analysis from Simply Measured.

A statement from Simply Measured reads:

The 100 companies included in the study have amassed a collective 1.1 billion fans, and 77 percent of the companies have individual audiences of greater than a million fans. Sixteen percent of those measured had more than 20 million fans. [D]ue to its longevity as a marketing tool for companies, audiences are used to branded content, leading to willingness to become fans of brand pages.

Facebook has become so focused on marketing, users are no longer upset when ads appear in their feeds. In fact, Facebook users even seek out branded content. The social network does walk a fine line between keeping users happy and keeping brands happy, but it seems to be doing a good job if users are so comfortable with brand content in their feeds.

Brands themselves are very active on the network. The Interbrand 100 companies post an average of 10 times per week, and 65 percent average five posts or more. It seems the secret to their success is two-fold: pictures drive engagement and successful brands keep it short.

Photos appeared in 62 percent of all brand posts on Facebook, and those posts are responsible for 77 percent of all engagement. However photos are trending down, and the use of links has expanded. In just one year, links increased from one percent of engagement, to 16 percent.

Since social media, and Facebook especially, are short-form communication tools, brands have learned the importance of brevity. Only seven percent of posts feature more than 300 characters, with the majority of posting containing between 75 and 175 characters.

As much as everyone seems to be making a Facebook killer, it’s clear that Facebook is still the dominant force in the industry. That’s been the case in 2014, and unless there’s some seismic shift in social media use, that will be the case in 2015.

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