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Less Than Half of B2B Marketers Are Using Social Media Intelligence Tools [Infographic]

Keeping track of the social media conversation surrounding your business is important to many industries. Whether it’s providing customer service, or negating bad press, engaging with audiences is essential. The same is true for B2B marketers, and according to an infographic from SiriusDecisions, many aren’t using available Social Media Intelligence (SMI) tools to their advantage.

B2B marketers are aware of the benefits of social media use: 95 percent of survey participants had created corporate social media accounts. However, only 50 percent of those accounts are active on a regular basis, and only 10 percent feel they are able to “articulate the business value of social execution.”

60 percent of respondents were not using any SMI tools. However, 30 percent are seeking an alternative to their current tool, and only 15 percent feel confident they are using the tool optimally. 98 percent of businesses are using their SMI tool to monitor their brand in the marketplace, but they may be wasting its potential. Only 13 percent are using SMI to gather competitive and market analysis, and only 25 percent are using the tool for measurement.

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