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How to Use Social Media for Marketing?

Social Media has opened up a new avenue to market your brands. You can connect with your customers across various social networks. This breaks the traditional customer-producer relation allowing them to interact in real-time. Consumers are now treated more like a friend rather than mere means of business.
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So, how can you market your brand and connect with your consumer? Here are a few simple steps you can follow to achieve this.

Focus Group Sessions on Google Hangouts – 

In order to improve your business, you need to understand 2 factors –
1. How can I sell more to the existing customers?
2. What should I improve to get new customers?

Focus Group and customer feedback sessions will help you achieve this. You can communicate with your target audience to understand their satisfaction levels and get their feedback. This valuable information can be used as a building block to promote your business.

How to prepare for a Hangout Session?

1. Get contact information of your customers through a sign-up poll.
2. Select the list of participants.
3. Create an event, set the date and time for the session and send out invites.
4. Follow it up with a reminder message.

Though a lot of viewers can watch the Hangout, only 10 members can participate in it. So, be careful while you select the participants and ensure that everyone gets equal opportunity to interact.

Virtual Launches on Facebook –

Create an event on Facebook and invite your friends to join. Apart from the regular posts, you can launch an event to engage with your fans and followers. The virtual launch can be independent from the live event.

The advantage of a Facebook event is its distinctive reach. Though you cannot send event invitations, you can send a mass message and ask the participants to spread the word. The events also create a reminder on the guest’s page.

Product Webinars –

When you are looking to generate leads, you can host product webinars. These are best suited to explain your product’s benefits or to create awareness about a new product. You can use Google Hangouts to host a webinar, while you can use other social networks to promote and invite people to attend the webinar.

In-person Networking Events –

Organize an event on social networks which involves your industry. Host an event and create an opportunity for people to share. Apart from promoting interaction within your business, you will also be visible to your competitors on the network. Such events might help you build a good rapport with them. You might even consider hosting a cross-company event to promote interaction and exchange of information.

Do you have more tips to share? Comment and let us know your responses.

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