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20% of Americans Share Religious Faith on Social Networks

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An avid social-sharer of religious views.

In an average week, 20 percent of U.S. adults will post about their religion on social media, according to a survey by Pew Research. Forty-six percent of respondents reported seeing someone share their faith on social platforms.

The survey was conducted in May and June of 2014, and had 3,217 respondents. While the social-sharing stats largely correspond with other religious activity (watching religious TV, listening to religious talk radio or music), a far greater portion of Americans talk about their religious views in real life than online. In fact, 40 percent of Americans shared something about their religious views offline — double the amount of online-sharers.

Certain groups were more likely to share their religion on social media: White evangelical Protestants were the most avid social sharers at 34 percent. Only 7 percent of unaffiliated individuals shared their religious views online, compared to 18 percent who shared about them offline.

While it seems that we live in an age where people are quick to air their personal convictions on social platforms, a vocal minority is sharing the bulk of religious posts. For every eager social sharer, there is someone who will only talk about their views offline.

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