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30 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Business

U.K.-based digital marketer Stuart Davidson offers a handy list of “30 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for Business.” These tools help businesses monitor their industry, reputations, customers, competitors and content.

“Basically, a combination of quick response, easy use and functionality is what you need in order to effectively run your social media campaigns,” says Davidson.

“By harnessing the right social media monitoring tools, you can start working towards your maximum potential for your social marketing efforts. You will have the knowledge to tailor your next campaigns properly after listening to what others have to say about you, your business and your content.”

There are many tools that let you manage multiple accounts, respond quickly and stay on top of real-time information. Below are the first five recommended by Davidson:

  • Talkwalker
    This scans social media to keep track of your brand and what your competitors are up to. You can use it for market research, customer service and tracking marketing campaigns as well.
  • Curalate
    Using image analytics of social media conversations, you can gain more insight on your efforts on visually-oriented social media such as Instagram.
  • Trackur
    Helps monitor all of your tweets, blogs, websites and social networks. A good overall report on the general trends of your social media efforts.
  • Collective Intellect
    An Oracle platform that captures a plethora of conversations on a daily basis. From this you can help find the information needed to act.
  • TweetBeep
    Similar to Google Alerts for Twitter, you can use certain keywords and get search results through your email.
  • See Davidson’s comprehensive list of 30 social media monitoring tools here and choose which ones are best for you.

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