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5 Tips for Boosting Your Business with Social

Writing for Entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant Brett Relander offered up five common sense yet often overlooked social media hacks to grow your business: know what’s hot, speak the language of social media, grow your base, save time and embrace change.

Automating certain activities such as sharing content across platforms, sending email and SMS updates on topics of interest, and uploading social media content to remote storage saves time and can be utilized by either enterprise-level or grassroots organizational systems.

Time savers, however, must be balanced with regular monitoring of current strategies and ongoing adjustments. Relander says staying in the know means embracing change with weekly creative thinking sessions based on learning and observation.

Knowing what’s hot will keep content relevant and engaging:

One really great search tool is uvrx.com. Powered by Google custom search, it throws up results for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms. Social-searcher.com is another search tool designed to allow users to check out how their chosen keywords are being treated by social media networks. It offers analytics data, revealing other folks you can follow online, sentiments associated with keywords, and the types of posts that are doing well.

The language of social media is visual: images, videos and infographics. Blending these approaches with creative calls to action, information and entertainment increases lead generation.

“Vine, the video sharing app for Twitter; Instagram; and Flipboard for iTunes are just some of the apps that enhance the appeal of your posts and make them stand out on your followers’ pages or timelines,” writes Relander.

LinkedIn’s InMail and paid ads on Facebook and Twitter are simple ways to grow your base and increase follows and likes.

“A fairly basic but often overlooked hack to attract more subscribers for your Facebook page is to immediately direct message the link to new followers on Twitter.”

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