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Couple Dies Trying to Take a Selfie on Dangerous Cliff

Cabo da Roca by Magnus Manske

Selfies are becoming a recreational hazard. With so many selfies being snapped all over the world — the imperative to create a cool, neat or potentially risky images has led to the death of a Polish couple.

The two victims were standing beyond the safety barrier at Cabo de Roca, Europe’s most western point, when they plummeted to their death while setting up for a dangerous photo. Emergency crews were notified on Saturday of the catastrophic fall, but rescue teams were unable to recover the bodies until Sunday, when weather and tidal conditions improved.

The couple had been living in Portugal for the last two years and they leave behind two small children, ages five and six.

This is not the first time a fatality has occurred during an attempted selfie. Last week saw the first selfie casualty when a Mexican man accidentally shot himself with a loaded gun.  Earlier this year in April, a man was kicked in the head by a train conductor as he was trying to snap a self-portrait.

In July, a man was trampled by a bull at the French Fêtes de Bayonne when trying to take a mindless selfie (video below).

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