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Five Social and Search Advertising Metrics to Watch [Infographic]

Click-through rates and cost-per-click are important metrics to measure during digital advertising campaigns. But it’s easy to get lost in what those statistics mean, so digital marketing company Kenshoo compiled data on quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year changes into a useful infographic.

The infographic breaks down the growth — and shrinkage — of five of the most important metrics for both social and search advertising.

  • Cost-per-click: In QoQ and YoY growth, social beats search by a wide margin. Social advertising saw growth rates of 27 and 54 percent respectively, while search only great seven and eight percent respectively.
  • Spending: Advertisers are spending more money on social and search, but social still beats search. Social advertising grew by 21 percent QoQ and 51 percent YoY, while search spending increased at a rate of two and 25 percent in the same categories.
  • Impressions: Impressions were down across the board, except for YoY social, which went up 13 percent.
  • Clicks: YoY clicks for search advertising increased 15 percent, but all other categories dropped into the negatives.
  • Click-through rate: Click-through rates were higher for search ads at three percent growth QoQ and 26 percent YoY. Social CTRs increased of five percent from Q1 of this year, but CTR is down 14 percent YoY for the medium.
  • For tips on improving advertising strategies, and more detailed data on how these metrics have changed over the last four quarters, view the infographic below.

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