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Five Tips for Developing a Social Mentions Strategy

Tracking brand mentions across multiple platforms can be difficult. With increasingly savvy consumers, companies can have a lot of negative feedback they’re not aware of.  Social mention analytics service Mention analyzed more than one billion mentions and the data provides insight for developing a strategy to understand how to use mentions to develop a strategy for engaging with consumers across the social Web.

Turn neutral customers into brand advocates. More than three-quarters of social mentions are neutral, while only six-percent are negative and 18 percent are positive. Neutral mentions are usually customers seeking assistance or advice — and a timely response could turn these customers into brand advocates.

Rise above the noise by posting on low traffic days. Thursday is the day of the week for the highest volume of company mentions, according to the paper. Nearly 16 percent of all company mentions happen on Thursdays, with weekend rates averaging just under 12 percent. The paper suggests that these low-traffic days represent an opportunity to “rise above the noise” by scheduling content.

Create platform specific content for better engagement. While 67 percent of company mentions occur on Twitter, that doesn’t mean abandoning other platforms. Creating network specific content, such as GIFs for Tumblr, or small infographics and quotes for Pinterest, can result in increased engagement overall.

Don’t forget to listen. When companies listen to consumers on various platforms, businesses can set a tone for the content, and thus achieve better return on marketing and customer service investments. But resist the temptation to fixate on power users. 91 percent of mentions on Twitter come from users with less than 500 followers.

Become multilingual. All users should be replied to in a timely manner because “any of your customers can be an influencer.” By showing users a dedication to customer service, customer retention rates could improve, and almost any customer could become a brand advocate. The paper also points out that 36 percent of mentions are in a language other than English, so have a strategy in place for responding, even if it’s just saying ‘thanks’ in as many languages as your team knows.

Download the whitepaper for a to-do list for improving your mentions strategy.

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