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Friday Morning Laughs: An Ode to Movember, Kids ‘Shake It Off’

Happy November, or Movember, or sadly, winter — depending on where you live. Regardless, happy Friday! Today we’ve got some funny for you. Watch adorable children “Shake It Off,” a 7-year-old strutting his T.V. chops, and a guy singing a parody song dedicated to Movember.

Kids “Shake It Off”

If these kids dancing to “Shake It Off” don’t make you smile immediately, you have a heart of stone. So adorable.

Second Grader Tests His TV Chops

Being on TV is “a lot better” than 7-year-old Charlie Hale could have imagined. He likes school and wants to be a police officer because “he likes danger.” You will ROTFL.

Nick Offerman Proves that Robots Aren’t so Great

Lowe’s has introduced robot helpers at some of its stores. Nick Offerman plays a Home Depot employee in this spoof, proving that the human touch is much better.

News Anchor Chair Dances to T.I.

No words. Just watch.

Let It Grow

For those of you obsessed with Frozen and also growing facial hair in honor of Movember, meet your new favorite parody.

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