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Happy Thursday — Tabless Thursday

Are you overwhelmed with tabs? In a video from The Atlantic, health editor James Hamblin talks about how his multitasking on the Internet is becoming a detriment to his real-life existence. So Hamblin started “Tabless Thursday,” when he only allows himself a single tab. “It’s like, like you just do one thing. It’s like work, but only on one thing,” he eloquently explains to those (like this editor) who cannot grasp the idea of a single-tabbed day.

“It’s like breaking up. You can talk again, but you can’t still be seeing that person cause you’ve moved on to a new thing. You can’t still be seeing that tab. That tab is behind you.”

We think Tabless Thursday is a great idea. We might try it out after we schedule some tweets while watching a cat video while cutting an image to the right proportions for Facebook.

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