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Hindsight Tool Provides Access to All of Twitter’s Data

Social media analytics company Brandwatch announced a new feature today called Hindsight, which gives customers access to Twitter’s full eight years of archived tweets.

Access to historical data on Twitter is usually restricted to one or two years, but Hindsight users can view tweets that stretch back to Twitter’s inception in 2006.

Historical data can help agencies pinpoint smarter opportunities by seeing what is and isn’t working. The feature lets brands track the historical impact of campaigns in the past and uncover new angles for future campaigns with its “tailored data snapshots for year-on-year tracking, trend projection, and analysis of recurring or specific events from the full Twitter corpus.”

“Brands and agencies want access to curated, high-quality data. Better data means better insight,” said Brandwatch CMO Will McInnes in the announcement. “Hindsight is the first of several exciting product announcements we have coming up which we believe are new, are different and collectively lead the industry from analytics to real social intelligence.”

Twitter Certified product Brandwatch was the first company to offer full, real-time Twitter data through its API in partnership with Twitter-owned Gnip. Hindsight is available at a minimal fee. Learn more here.

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