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How Social Media Contests Infleunce Consumers [Infographic]


Social media provides a great many ways to interact with customers, and one of those ways is to offer competitions. These competitions can impact customer opinions about products, brand allegiances and even purchasing habits.

TAMBA, a UK-based social media marketing agency, surveyed 896 people who entered competitions posted on social media. The largest segment of participants ranged from 31- to 39-years old, more than 60 percent are childless and nearly 50 percent are employed full time. This puts to rest the myths that contest participants are stay-at-home moms or unemployed, according to TAMBA.

As for social media’s influence, more than 80 percent of contest entrants entered through social media, with Facebook leading the pack at over 78 percent. More than 65 percent of those surveyed entered contests through Twitter, and there’s a big drop to Pinterest’s 17 percent. Surprisingly, nearly 70 percent of users surveyed entered contests daily and more than 20 percent entered weekly.

The users who interact with brand content frequently participate after the contest. Nearly 85 percent of people share branded content after entering a context, almost 95 percent of entrants were aware of new branded content because of their competition habit, and almost 75 percent of survey participants said that social media competitions influenced their purchasing habits.

For more compelling reasons that you should integrate competitions into your social campaigns, see the infographic below:


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