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How to Live Your Social Media Life Without Regrets [Infographic]

With more than 70 percent of adults online using social media, it would be a surprise if people lived their social media lives with no regrets. We know that what you say on Twitter can get you fired and even hurt your career prospects.

According to an infographic from Happify, a happiness training startup, social media blunders are among today’s modern regrets. Almost 30 percent of social media users 34 and younger have posted something they wish hadn’t — 24 percent have posted selfies they wish they could take back. An analysis of more than 13,000 tweets and discovered that people are likely to post about their regrets on social media when looking for support.

While most of us would rather live without regret, according to Happify, regret has an upside, including making sense of past experiences, fixing mistakes and avoiding future mistakes.

To find out what people regret most and get tips on how to live a life without regrets, check out the infographic below.


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