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How to Optimize AdWords

Search Engine Journal has shared six ways to effectively use AdWords. The dummies guide is based on the fact that “basic AdWords optimization techniques are not even close to being utilized efficiently.”

The advice includes:

Move keywords to their own ad groups: the ad’s message should change according to consumers’ shifting search strategies.

Your starting point is rarely the end result: measuring various keywords within the same ad groups helps you focus on which are most effective. The example given is creating new ad groups with the words “cheap” and “affordable” Nike shoes, which outperform two in the original ad group: “low cost” and “low price.”

Review your “search terms” report to find negative keywords: Oftentimes, ads show up under keywords you haven’t initially selected. Ongoing course-corrections let you add new negative keywords or add additional target keywords. Doubling the impact of negative keywords cuts costs and expands reach.

Additional tips include expanding your existing keywords with long and short-tailing strategies, split-testing ads to maintain or increase keyword performance, adjusting your ad schedule, and performing routine keyword bid management.

See SEJ’s full post here.

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