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How to Sell Unsexy Products on Social Media [Infographic]

Not every brand has the obvious benefits of advertising lingerie, and not every brand has the benefit of being a highly-desired product. Some things, such as insurance or feminine hygiene products, can be difficult to market because they’re not considered “sexy.” But a lot of brands have made great strides by building their social media profiles through humor, engagement and great campaigns. An infographic from WhoIsHostingThis details how any brand can successfully navigate social networks. Especially the likes of Poo Pourri. Bodyform, a feminine product brand, saw a post on its Facebook wall from Richard Neill, asking why women appeared happy in Bodyform’s advertising. Bodyform made lemons from lemonade, and responded to the post with a video that has been viewed more than 5.5 million times. Staples also takes the humor route, which has earned the company’s Twitter account more than 270,000 followers. The feed focuses on being conversational and doesn’t lean too heavily on product placement. Office supplies certainly aren’t the sexiest product, but by engaging with consumers, the Twitter account is generating greater brand recognition. For more examples of how companies are winning greater audience shares on social networks, view the infographic below.

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