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Man Kills Himself While Taking Selfie With Loaded Gun

In the first recorded incident of selfie-mortality, a Mexican man accidentally killed himself while snapping a photo to share. Oscar Otero Aguilar, a 21-year-old from Mexico City, borrowed a gun from a friend in order to take a selfie to share. Unfortunately, the gun was loaded and discharged.

Aguilar’s 57-year-old neighbor Manfredo Paez Paez said, “I heard a gunshot, and then I heard somebody screaming and realized somebody had been hurt.” Paez called the police, who found Aguilar still alive. Aguilar was unaware that the gun was loaded so he was waving it around when he shot himself through the forehead. He died on his way to the hospital.

Aside from guns, tigers are also making dangerous appearances in selfies — so much so that the state of New York has banned “Tiger Selfies,” a Tinder phenomenon that spawned its own Tumblr documenting various Tinder men posing with Tigers. It is now illegal to hug, pat or touch tigers at state fairs and traveling circuses. Those who violate the law will be subject to a small fine of $500.

Posing next to tigers can be extremely dangerous:

Nationwide, dangerous incidents involving captive big cats have resulted in the deaths of 24 people in just the past two decades — five of them children.  In addition, nearly 300 people have been mauled or injured.  Along with  New York, twenty-nine states prohibit big cat ownership. Despite progress, however, most of these states, like New York, do not ban public contact with big cats.

“Hopefully, people will realize that it doesn’t say anything positive about yourself to pay to pose next to a wild animals in captivity,” said Kelly Donvan, a program officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The bill is intended to protect tigers — especially tiger cubs who are kept in captivity for entertainment purposes.

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