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#ShortStoryTweet Is the Nicest Thing on the Internet This Week

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If you need a quick, afternoon pick-me-up, the Penguin UK Twitter account has your back. In honor of national short story week, they started #ShortStoryTweet, and people are writing tiny 140-character stories that sort of restore my faith in humanity. Here are some winners:

.@PenguinUKBooks For sale: baby shoes, thousands of. There’s a cupboard in my house and it keeps filling up. Please hurry. #ShortStoryTweet

— Niall Slater (@Niall_Slater) November 20, 2014

The creature kept coming, with each step a chilling ticking sound. This has got to be a wind up, he thought @PenguinUKBooks #ShortStoryTweet

— Recycled Words (@Recycled_Words) November 20, 2014


@PenguinUKBooks Embracing on the platform, they both knew it was the end of all they had known. The whistle confirmed it. #ShortStoryTweet

— Thomas (@Thomas29Jackson) November 20, 2014


She gazed at him menacingly. ‘I want you to take off my dress and stockings,’ she said, ‘and never wear my clothes again.’ #ShortStoryTweet

— Penguin Books UK (@PenguinUKBooks) November 20, 2014

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