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Social Media Newsfeed: Vine Update | SlideShare Now All Free

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Vine Update to Let Users Import Videos (USA Today)
Developers at Vine rolled out a new version of the video app for iOS that will allow users to import footage from their camera roll and create their six-second clips. When users are ready to capture a video, they’ll see an option on screen to import a video. VentureBeat Previously, people could only create videos in-the-moment and had to use the app’s camera creatively in order to make a captivating video. Now, the overall vibe of the network may quickly change, as desktop video editing tools and non-ephemeral compositions come into play. The Guardian The changes will help Vine build out its membership by letting new users skip a stage which has sometimes been a stumbling block: signing up when they have nothing to film. While many first-time users may not be in the position to film something right away, they are likely to have at least one video on their phone which they do feel they can share. TechCrunch Beyond the camera roll import, Vine is also revamping the way that the camera works to offer more precision editing tools, including a button to duplicate a clip and a mute button, to knock out the sound. The team also added a preview and undo button, which lets you look at the last clip you filmed and gives you the option to undo it. Adweek The update does come on the heels of Vine debuting its “loops” metric, which shows users how often people are watching their six-second videos. Prior to the stat’s availability, marketers had to focus on likes, comments and revines (same as a retweet) to measure the impact of their social clips. Loops have replaced revines on the platform.

LinkedIn’s SlideShare Goes Completely Free, Will Slowly Release Pro Features to Everyone (The Next Web)
SlideShare, a platform owned by LinkedIn for sharing presentations, documents, infographics and other files, is now completely free to use. As TechCrunch notes, the optional Pro tiers that existed before have been stripped out and premium features, including analytics, profile customization and private uploads, are being opened up to all users.

There’s Finally an Anti-Selfie App (SocialTimes)
Selfies are taking over apps, headlines and even cable television so naturally, there’s an anti-selfie revelation that’s slowly bubbling up. To counter the tidal wave of self-portraits, this anti-selfie app, SLMMSK (iOS), is using facial recognition to wipe that grin off of your face.

FBI: Teen’s Rape in Greece Apartment Posted to Facebook (Democrat and Chronicle)
A Rochester, N.Y., man allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl — an attack federal authorities say was posted on Facebook. Shahmell Robinson, 21, faces state rape charges as well as a federal charge of sexually assaulting the 14-year-old for a video. The FBI, Rochester and Greece police collaborated on the investigation.

Facebook Doubles Ads Users Can See from Pages They Haven’t Liked (AllFacebook)
In a quiet move that could mean double the pleasure for advertisers and double trouble in terms of users’ perceptions of Facebook, the social network told ad agencies in an email earlier this month that brands can now serve two ads per day to the News Feeds of users who have not liked their pages, up from one. Digiday shared the email from Facebook to ad agencies, noting that brands are still limited to four ads per day to users who liked their pages, and, more important, that the total number of ads seen by users on a given day will not increase.

University Bans Social Media, Political Content and Wikipedia Pages on Dorm Wifi (BetaBeat)
Northern Illinois University enacted an Acceptable Use Policy that goes further than banning torrents, also denying students access to social media sites and other content the university considers “unethical” or “obscene.” A discussion on the ban was brought to Reddit by user darkf who discovered the new policy while trying to access the Wikipedia page for the Westboro Baptist Church from his personal computer in his dorm room.

Vocativ Founder Launches $120 Million Start-Up Fund; Invests in SocialStudios (LostRemote)
Mati Kochavi, who founded digital news start-up Vocativ, is adding to his social and digital portfolio in a big way. The Israeli entrepreneur launched Moonscape Ventures on Wednesday, a $120 million investment company that will invest in the “Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Big Data and Media Startups,” according to a news release.

Twitter Suspends Accounts Sharing Beheading Images (CNET)
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced Wednesday that the social network was suspending all accounts that posted images from the appalling video allegedly showing the beheading of photojournalist James Foley. “We have been and are actively suspending accounts as we discover them related to this graphic imagery. Thank you,” Costolo tweeted.

Twitter Bot is Helping to Shut Down Dirty Restaurants in Chicago (AllTwitter)
According to Business Insider, the Chicago Department of Public Health is using Twitter to collect cases of food poisoning across the city. They created a Twitter bot that mined Twitter for mentions of food poisoning, and – in combination with an online complaint form – successfully identified 133 restaurants that warranted an inspection within a 10 month period, 21 of which failed.

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