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Swipe Right: The Cheap, New Way to ‘Like’ Anything

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I’d swipe right — that’s the new phrase you’re hearing these days when someone refers to a person, object or activity that they like. Like a sandwich? Just swipe right. Like your dog? Swipe right. Don’t like swiping? Your thumb’s out of luck. From T-shirts to Tumblr, everybody is swiping right.

Swiping right didn’t make it to the real world because of Tinder — the user interface feature for the dating app became ubiquitous because users associated swiping right with “likes.” Subsequently, apps started using the “swipe right” feature everywhere. The makers of Flic used it on the phone’s camera roll. With Flic, you can swipe left to discard your unwanted images or swipe right to keep them, and just like Tinder, they will still linger afterwards, until you do some real photo organization, sharing or simply forgetting again.

This is not the first time Tinder’s swipe feature is being used to make or market a new app. The latest app to employ Facebook’s API is actually named Swipe, and it prides itself on showing you pictures your friends won’t post to Facebook. That’s not the only Swipe. With this Swipe app, you can get the latest news on your lock screen you swipe right to unlock and then access the story.

The list goes on for products named after swiping: Swipe XL, Swipes, Swipe.to, Karma Swipe, Shoe Swipe, JSwipe… Swiping may be an easy and simple solution to filtering through piles of images, but it’s hardly a good name. Please stop. It sounds like wiping, i.e. with baby wipes, and the best swiping app is already here. It’s called BeardSwipe:

BeardSwipe from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.

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