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Tech Creche: Fighting Smartphone Addiction One Pony at a Time

Everyone loves ponies – but do they love them even more than smartphones and tech gadgets? That’s the logic behind the Tech Creche at England’s New Forest National Park. In exchange for leaving your technology and car stowed away, the park promises ponies — adorable, galloping nearly-wild ponies! There’s hardly a better trade-off for not taking dangerous selfies.

In the promotional video below, you can hear comedian and celebrity impressionist Phil Cornwell voice Young David Attenborough as he observes a family of humans leaving behind their devices at the Tech Creche for a gadget-free day at the park.

Creche, in British parlance, means “nursery,” so the concierge service acts like a tech-sitter for your digital toys. Meanwhile, you can cruise around the park on the double-stacker, open-top buses, since you’re supposed to leave your car at home. Participants get a chance to win a night at the spa, just for leaving their devices behind at the Tech Creche.

There are no other parks that offer similar services, but if smartphone addiction is on the rise, we might see more of this coat-check service for smartphones elsewhere. However, they might have to pry your phone from your cold, dead hands.

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