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The Ultimate Checklist for Mastering LinkedIn [Infographic]

More than 259 million people are using LinkedIn, but fewer are tapping into the network’s full potential.

Whereas Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are more consumer-based marketing platforms, LinkedIn is essential to lead generation for B2B and business professionals, especially wholesalers.

The site and its fully-loaded mobile app offer many ways to get beyond simple strategies like posting a resume and connecting with friends or professional contacts. LinkedIn can be used as a tool for growing your business exponentially.

Social media ranks third among all lead generation strategies, after email and SEO. A survey by ReachForce found that 44 percent of marketers in the business-to-business arena have generated leads from LinkedIn, compared to 39 percent via Facebook and 30 percent through Twitter.

Compared to other social networks, LinkedIn makes it easy to connect with people you don’t already know and with whom you share professional interests. And since professional communications are common on LinkedIn, people are often more comfortable with receiving business inquiries there.

This year, LinkedIn introduced new features including a Content Marketing Score, which is designed to help marketers measure the impact of both paid and organic content, and trending topics that provide insight into what its members are discussing.

Tacticalsalestraining.co.uk created the following infographic for mastering optimization, lead generation and recruitment on LinkedIn.

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