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There’s Finally an Anti-Selfie App

Selfies are taking over apps, headlines and even cable television so naturally, there’s an anti-selfie revelation that’s slowly bubbling up. To counter the tidal wave of self-portraits, this anti-selfie app, SLMMSK (iOS), is using facial recognition to wipe that grin off of your face. Unless you’re always frowning, in which case, it will add one of those detestable, smiling emojis.

Unlike other photo or selfie apps, SLMMSK comes with a special set of filters. Turn on the camera function, and you’ll get the best set of obscuring filters around. Thanks to the app’s facial detection technology, you can blur your face, hide your eyes, cover yourself with emojis or just add a frown in real-time. My favorite is the emoji option.

Admittedly, I’ve never taken a selfie before this app, despite writing extensively about the subject. I find the whole selfie trend to be a curious phenomenon because I dislike having my portrait taken by anyone, myself included. This app helped be break into the selfie world with anti-selfies — so here I present to the Internet, my first selfies:


The graininess and timestamps are all part of the app’s default feature. What do you think? Are anti-selfies better than selfies, or are you sick of talking about selfies?

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